Home Features Today’s Prospective Real Estate Market Buyers Look For When Shopping by Karl Kennedy

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Real Estate

The supply and demand for homes in the real estate market is still not adding up. So many
prospective buyers are on the prowl, but so few houses are up for sale. And the houses that are
available don’t seem to have the features that most shoppers are looking for.

Why would a person or couple spend a lot of money on a home that they don’t feel is up to their
standards? Most of the time, they wouldn’t. Which is why we’re here to tell you, sellers, how to
fix that.

If you’re wondering which features will draw people in to place their offers, keep reading and
implement as you wish.

Laundry Rooms

There’s been an increase in demand for a designed laundry room inside the house. Instead of
housing the washer and dryer in the kitchen or bathroom, homeowners are now specifying that
they prefer to hide their dirty clothes in a separate room. When the laundry is done, most also
believe that having a designated area automatically urges the folding to be done, opposed to
leaving it in the basket for an extended period.

The basement is the easiest place in the house to place a laundry room, so start with looking at
your below level floor plan before anything else. The utility lines are already there so the process
of setting everything up will go smoothly.

Exterior Lighting

Presenting a rather inexpensive upgrade project: Exterior lighting. The illumination enhances
curb appeal tenfold with just a few hundred dollars spent. The price tag will depend on selections
you ultimately make, including but not limited to spotlights, walkway lights, and pendant lights.

It’s true that exterior lighting is aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides an added safety feature
to the home. If you want to get really protective, consider motion-sensor lights that will alert you
if there’s movement outside your house.

Ceiling Fans

Fans are back in action! These nifty decorative wall fans look nice in big rooms, especially those
that have high ceilings. But did you know that they also help lower cooling costs? That means

when a person, couple, or family walks into a house they’re looking to buy and they see ceiling
fans, they think hallelujah! I’ll save on my electric bill during the warmer months.

Ceiling fans can operate solo or alongside an air conditioner to keep the cool air moving around
the room. This effect can give you the option to raise your thermostat by a whopping four
degrees, which proves easier to stabilize than that of a lower temperature.

Side-by-Side Kitchen Sink

The roundabout cost of a side-by-side kitchen sink is approximately $500, depending on how
fancy you get with the new appliance. But think about it this way, that return on investment will
definitely happen tenfold. Why? Because new homeowners want a side-by-side in their home.

Side-by-sides allow people to divide the tasks by the left side and the right side. For example, the
left side can be dedicated to preparing food while the right side can be filled with dirty dishes
waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher. You can also use one side for washing and the other for
drying. Depending on how the kitchen is set up will depend on what side is responsible for what

Backyard Patio

The backyard area deserves the same amount of love as any other part of the house, especially
when listing on the market. In fact, buyers are sometimes swayed by how nice the backyard
really is, swayed enough to make a decent offer. Why? Because when the weather is nice, that’s
where most of their time will be spent with friends and family.

Remember, patios are typically made out of concrete or pavers, so you don’t have to worry about
the extensive costs associated with a wooden deck or porch, like extra maintenance. If there’s
extra money set aside before the sale goes through, think about adding an outdoor kitchen,
fireplace, or built-in grill to get more ROI.

Other Fun Miscellaneous Stuff

A few fun features to add to your current home before putting in on the market may include:
● An aesthetically pleasing front porch
● Hardwood floors in the living room/dining room area
● An at-home movie theater with the right projector
● A full bathroom on the first floor
● A walk-in closet in the master bedroom

● Additional storage space in the garage